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UK Forecast: Warm, hazy sunshine - Rain returns from west, Sep 25 - 16:58

Tuesday Slack pressure. A rather murky start for many. Early fog patches clearing. A general haze will persist. A lot of cloud, but some sunshine should break through, typically best toward the south-west, perhaps also East Anglia. Chance of a little drizzle in and around low cloud, and perhaps a local shower, but most places will stay dry all day. Light winds. Highs widely 16 to 18C, and reaching 20C or above in any sunshine in the south-east.

Tuesday night Dry across Britain and much of Ireland overnight with variable cloud. Some fog patches may reform in low-lying eastern counties. A freshening south-easterly breeze should prevent fog for many places, although some hill-fog is possible in the west. Strongest breeze in the far north & west. Fronts advancing in from the Atlantic bring rain to western Ireland before dawn. Temperatures staying fairly mild, lows 10 to 14C.

Wednesday A warm southerly flow influences Britain, whilst fronts encroach from the west across Ireland. A dry and bright day for central, east & northern regions, with hazy sun weakening as cloud thickens from the west. Rain or drizzle becoming increasingly persistent for Wales & the south-west into the afternoon. Heavy rain extends north & east across Ireland. South-easterly winds strengthening. Up to 22C in eastern England, 16 to 19C elsewhere.

Thursday A slow-moving front is expected to lie north-west to south-east across the British Isles, although with some uncertainty about precise detail. Central, east & northern Britain is most likely to stay grey and damp, with some persistent rain possible. West & south-western areas should become brighter, with some sunshine trying to break through. Further rain develops for Ireland later. Winds fairly light southerlies. Highs 14 to 18C.

Morning Call: Dry for most - Early murk lifting, Sep 26 - 05:44

Light winds, hazy sun Good morning, A slack pressure pattern influences the British Isles, with the flow mainly east to south-easterly. A large area of high pressure is over Scandinavia, whilst low pressure and fronts lie to the west of Ireland. Dry for most places, but with fairly cloudy skies in central regions. Eastern England, and also the south-west should see some sunshine. Small risk of a local shower. A general haze will reduce visibility. Some fog patches this morning.

Winds will be light for central-southern Britain, although a fresh south-easterly affects northern Scotland, and also Ireland. Today's top temperatures will climb above 20C in East Anglia and the London area. Elsewhere, typically 17 to 19C by afternoon. Have a great day. Garry

Week ahead: Unsettled start to October - Cooler than recently, Sep 26 - 10:04

Threat of severe gales Sunday-Monday Two former Atlantic hurricanes will contribute to a potent area of low pressure which will develop and head toward the British Isles by Sunday. Precise detail remains uncertain, but there is a threat of widespread heavy rain and strong winds, with gales or severe gales possible for some areas. For the weather for the next few days click here

Friday 29/09/17 A frontal system will pass eastwards across Britain during the day, bringing cloud and outbreaks of rain to most places. This will persist for several hours, heaviest and most prolonged over the hills in the west & north-west, but patchier toward the east & south-east of England. A clearance should develop from the west, with sunny spells breaking through. Showers will follow into Ireland. A south-westerly breeze. Highs 13 to 18C.

Saturday 30/09/17 Pressure will briefly build, bringing a bright day to most areas. A few showers are possible, mainly around western coasts and hills in the morning. Variable cloud and sunny spells. A developing Atlantic frontal system is expected to approach from the west later, although timing uncertain. Freshening winds for western areas, and rain may envelop Ireland before dark. Highs 13 to 17C.

Sunday 01/10/17 Confidence of precise detail is low. However, an unsettled day is likely, as a deep Atlantic low moves toward or across the British Isles. Heavy rain may become extensive, which may persist most of the day in western areas. Windy, possible gales in the west & north-west. Some eastern regions may escape dry for a time. Highs 12 to 17C.

Monday 02/10/17 A windy day is likely, with a risk of gales, especially in the north & west. Rain is likely to push through, but followed by showers, which may be frequent in the west. Sunny spells, but feeling cool. Highs 12 to 16C. Tuesday 03/10/17 A breezy and showery day is expected. Rain may be frequent in the west & north-west, whilst the south & east should be drier. Highs 12 to 16C. Wednesday 04/10/17 Pressure may begin to build into midweek, bringing fairer weather for all. A few showers remain likely. Highs 13 to 17C.

Seasonal outlook: Mixed October - Early November frosts, Aug 23 - 18:14

*October* October is currently expected to be starting fair with some dry days and sunny spells. Probably warm as well. Conditions become more unsettled into the middle of the month with most rain affecting more southern areas. The later stages of the month are shown as remaining unsettled with periods of wind and rain at times. *November* There are early hints of a fair start to November. perhaps some early season frosts together with reasonable spells of sunshine. Becoming wet and windy in the middle of the month with heavier spells of rain before a return to drier, frostier weather later in the month. Simon Keeling Email me at

Europe forecast: Showery central Europe - Hot southern Spain & Portugal, Sep 26 - 10:06

Tuesday A large area of high pressure centred over Finland dominates northern Europe bringing plenty of dry weather to Scandinavia. An easterly wind affects the Baltic region and central Europe. A few showers possible for southern Norway and Denmark. A zone of showery rain for Germany, Belgium and the Alps, also central France. Some local heavy and thundery bursts possible by afternoon. Highs 17 to 22C. Thundery too for Bulgaria, northern Turkey and parts of the Balkans. Meanwhile Greece should stay mainly dry with just isolated showers. Dry for Hungary, warm at 24C. A few thunderstorms possible for southern Italy, Sicily and Sardinia. Dry with sunshine for northern Italy, southern & western France. Fair weather too across Iberia. Hot in the south-west of Spain and Portugal, topping 30C.

Wednesday Little change to the weather pattern with high pressure focused toward the north. Plenty of dry weather across the continent. A front pushes into Biscay, and may give rain for the far north-west of Iberia. Much of Spain and Portugal will stay dry and warm. Climbing above 25C in south-west France. A south-easterly airflow across central Europe brings plesantly warm temperatures of 20 to 23C. A few afternoon showers for Germany and the Alps. Thundery showers breaking out for southern Italy, the southern Balkans and mainland Greece. Dry for eastern Europe and the Baltic. A little rain may affect southern Norway and Denmark. 20C in southern Sweden.

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My favourite page for a comprehensive weather forecast is the BBC's 24 hour forecast as it provides hourly conditions, giving you a good idea of when any cloud or rain will appear during the day. To find the 24 hour forecast you need click here and enter your postcode, then select 24 hour forecast.


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