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UK Forecast: Unsettled - Turning Milder, Jan 21 - 09:18

Monday Wet weather quickly moves eastwards across more southern areas of England and Wales early on Monday, but this clearing and then many areas being dominated by mainly dry weather with some bright or sunny intervals and much milder than of late. Some showers for W Scotland and windy here. Highs 5C to 11C.

Monday Night An increased risk of some rain or showers is expected across more northern and western areas of Scotland and N Ireland into Monday night, windy here too with local gales. Elsewhere though mainly dry conditions will prevail with clear spells and variable cloud, all areas having a mild night. A milder night than of late, lows 3C to 7C.

Tuesday A more unsettled day across many northern and western areas in particular with rain or showers and windy, still some drier and brighter weather across E England and SE England but even here some showers are possible later. All areas mild or very mild, highs 7C to 12C.

Wednesday A mild and unsettled day for many areas with rain and showers moving south and east as the day progresses but with some drier weather, for a time at least, possible across E England and SE England before wet weather arrives here later. A very mild day for most but turning cooler across the north and west later. Highs 7C to 13C, highest in SE England.

Morning Call: Milder For All - Mainly Dry, Jan 22 - 04:44

Early rain clears southern and south-eastern areas of England, then mainly dry and mild Good morning, A much milder start to the day than of late but it is rather wet across some far southern and south-easterm counties of England with some rain and showers, but this soon clearing. Equally some showery weather is present across Scotland. Elsewhere mainly dry through the morning with some bright or sunny intervals, breezy though.

Little change through the afternoon with some showery conditions across parts of Scotland but the emphasis is on a lot of dry weather with some bright or sunny intervals and variable cloud. A breezy afternoon but importantly it will be much milder than of late.

An increased risk of some rain or showers is expected across more northern and western areas of Scotland and N Ireland into Monday night, windy here too with local gales. Elsewhere though mainly dry conditions will prevail with clear spells and variable cloud, all areas having a mild night.


Week ahead: An unsettled week - Drier next week, Jan 22 - 08:40

Unsettled with wind and rain this week, but perhaps changing to drier conditions next week Unsettled conditions for the rest of this week bringing low pressure, wind and rain for many. A change in pattern towards the weekend with some drier weather gradually arriving, although Saturday may see rain again. Higher pressure then building to the south through Sunday and into next week with an indications of drier weather developing.

For the weather for the next few days click here Thursday 25/1/18 Low pressure over the north of the country on Thursday. There will be showers in Scotland and across western coasts and hills, a few in the far south of England too. The showers could turn wintry over northern hills. Most central and eastern areas will be staying dry with sunny spells. Highs at 5C in northern Scotland, 9C in southeast England.

Friday 26/1/18 A transitory ridge of high pressure building into the UK and Ireland on Friday. There could be a few showers in northeast Scotland, but these fading. Brighter weather and dry conditions spread from the west during the day, and it is likely to be feeling cooler as well. Less breezy with highs at 4 to 7C.

Saturday 27/1/18 Pressure is fairly high across the south of the UK on Saturday. Fronts pass eastwards through all areas bringing drizzle and cloud in the south and west with low cloud and some coastal fog on western coasts. Milder weather arriving from the west. Heavier and more persistent periods of rain in northern Wales, northern England, ireland and western Scotland. Breezier in the north too. Highs at 7 to 12C.

Sunday 28/1/18 Pressure builds to the south through Sunday. A weak from affecting northwest Scotland bringing some cloud and rain here. Western coasts of Scotland and Ireland seeing some lower cloud and drizzle. eastern, central and southern areas tending to become brighter with sunny spells and will be mild. Highs at a mild 9 to 12C.

Monday 29/1/18 Pressure stays mainly high through Monday. A weak front bringing some outbreaks of rain southwards, although southern areas may stay dry. A less mild day with highs at 6C in Scotland, 9C in southern England Tuesday 30/1/18 Higher pressure builds through the country on Tuesday and this shows signs of giving drier weather for most. There will be some bright spells, although a fair amount of cloud too. Highs at 4 to 8C.

Seasonal outlook: Chilly February - Wetter March, Jan 04 - 16:49

*February* Despite low confidence, the current indications are that higher pressure will be to the north of the UK overall in february. Lower pressure will be to the south. This combination of pressure patterns lends itself to a colder month overall with east or northeast winds being more dominant than usual. Any wintry weather tending to be more prevalent in the east and south. Tending to be drier and frostier to the north. *March* After a cold stat with higher pressure to the north and lower pressure to the south. A risk of some wintry precipitation early in the month. It may be that during the second half of the month conditions turn stormier with strong winds and heavy periods of rain, these preceded by sleet and snow. Simon Keeling

Europe forecast: Unsettled At First - Drier Later, Jan 22 - 04:43

Unsettled weather will dominate across most areas initially, but drier and more settled weather is expected as next week progresses Monday High pressure continues to dominate across Iberia, bringing fine weather to Spain and Portugal. A build of pressure is also likely too across some central and eastern areas of Europe including Poland and Croatia for example. Low pressure will, however, dominate across Greece and surrounding countries bringing some particularly inclement conditions for this region of Europe, with heavy rain, downpours and perhaps some strong winds too. Milder, wetter and windier conditions continue to develop across the British Isles, while longer spells of rain move into Benelux.

Tuesday Into Tuesday and high pressure is expected to extend from Portugal and Spain, up into France and eastwards through towards Switzerland, many central countries of Europe and then eastwards towards Poland and even into western areas of Russia too. Lower pressure will some showers will likely continue to affect parts of Italy and more particularly across Greece and surrounding countries. Milder and unsettled conditions are expected across the British Isles. The coldest weather is expected across parts of Finland where some very low minimum temperatures may well be experienced.

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My favourite page for a comprehensive weather forecast is the BBC's 24 hour forecast as it provides hourly conditions, giving you a good idea of when any cloud or rain will appear during the day. To find the 24 hour forecast you need click here and enter your postcode, then select 24 hour forecast.


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