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Government risks backlash in flood-hit regions over climate change inaction, poll shows
The government risks a significant political backlash in flood-hit regions at the next general election unless it gets serious about combating climate change, according to a new poll published today

The changing shape of UK weather: Historic maps show 142 years of rain, sun and wind
THOUSANDS of weather maps throughout the past 142 years have been unearthed showing how fashion and technology have drastically changed the diagrams.

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Weekly Nature News

Spring will be a sunny delight for Britain: Three months of warm weather on the way
BRITAIN will enjoy an amazing three months of warm weather with balmy conditions set to last until June, according to forecasters.

Leading countryside groups join forces to challenge fracking rules across the UK
Poorly regulated fracking and shale gas extraction risks harming threatened species and polluting our waterways, according to a report produced by the UK’s leading wildlife and countryside groups.

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Weekly Nature News

Peatlands put in peril as demand for grouse shooting takes off
Grouse shooting is ruining the countryside of Northern England and Scotland, as swathes of wildlife-rich upland peatlands are burned to provide the optimum conditions for commercial red grouse, the RSPB has warned.

Will fossil fuels melt the global economy?
Politicians, investors, NGOs and the UN’s climate chief have warned that the world’s stock markets have over-invested in fossil fuels, up to 80% of which may never be burnt. What does the carbon bubble mean for the global economy and action on climate change? With your help, Karl Mathiesen investigates

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Act Now for Our Badgers!

Mr Cameron: Kill the Cull, Not the Badgers

The two pilot badger culls were a fiasco, from beginning to end — and now it has been revealed that DEFRA’s own figures on tuberculosis levels in cattle, used to justify the cull, have been overstated.

Yet a decision about rolling out this disastrous and highly unpopular cull policy to up to 10 new areas of England is due very soon. Many badgers could face a terrible fate this year.

There is no justification for killing thousands of badgers in a misguided attempt to control bovine tuberculosis.

Call on David Cameron to put a stop to plans to roll out the badger cull. Ask him to Kill the Cull, not the Badgers.

Lindengate – A new nature and horticultural therapy charity

Lindengate is a new start up charity located in Wendover, Bucks which aims to provide support to those suffering from mental health issues through nature and horticulture.

Lindengate is the charity my family will be supporting in memory of our beloved sister and daughter Bethany Phillips who passed away last thursday. Any contributions to their JustGiving campaign to provide therapy in nature would be so gratefully received at http://www.justgiving.com/Lindengate.

555DSC041232Rest in Peace Beth in the bosom of mother nature whilst your goodness, memory and spirit will live on in the hearts and minds of all you knew.



What I believe is the first World Wildlife Day to be resolved by the UN is rapidly approaching, and a new website wildlifeday.org has been launched to spread the message.



A day to celebrate i’m sure you’d agree! But also a time to unite with causes that help preserve this world’s fantastically diverse, but sadly threatened wildlife.

The UN General Secretary has this message for us all…

For millennia, people and cultures have relied on nature’s rich diversity of wild plants and animals for food, clothing, medicine and spiritual sustenance. Wildlife remains integral to our future through its essential role in science, technology and recreation, as well as its place in our continued heritage. That is why the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 3 March — the anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) — as World Wildlife Day.

Despite its intrinsic value to sustainable development and human well-being, wildlife is under threat. Some of the world’s most charismatic species, as well as lesser-known but ecologically important plants and animals, are in immediate danger of extinction. A major cause is habitat loss. Another is the increase in illicit trafficking.

Read more at World Wildlife Day

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