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Dorset coastCamping on the Purbeck Isle
October 2008

Well, I never did do the Jurassic Coast walk. However i'm pleased to say I did spend a delightful week camping near the Jurassic Coast at a campsite near Corfe Castle in the Purbeck Isle. Read on...

Planning a Jurassic Coast walk
August 2008

Jurassic coastI'm planning a walking and camping trip along the Jurassic coast which runs along the south coast of England from Studland near Poole to Exmouth. It's a 95 mile part of the South West Coast Path, a World Heritage Site, and a beautiful part of the country with many scenic stretches - Durdles Door, Old Harry's Rocks and Lulworth Cove to name a few. Read on...

Walking, wildlife and photography in Aylesbury
July 2008

Aylesbury swanWherever you live in the UK, you'll not be too far from a local footpath. However you're feeling, getting outdoors to tramp around the footpaths will do you some good. And you'll probably be surprised at the number of footpaths there are. Read on...

Quacky Races 2008
June 2008

Quacky racesThe inaugral Bucks Quacky Races took place in june 2008 at Broughton Lakes off the Aylesbury Arm. The turnout was impressive with over 12 competitors, and dozens of supporters.

The show kicked off with a display from the Royal Canadian Goose Squad. Their faultless flying, landing and taking off wowed the crowd who mooed and quacked like they'd never mooed or quacked before. Read on...

The Ideal (Eco) Homes Show
June 2008

Sitting by a pond with a swan yesterday I couldn't help but think 'I could live here, very happily. Just a field, some wildlife, and me'. And I remembered reading online an article about a university student living in a mud hut on a farm. Browsing the web quickly it seems the term 'mud hut' is only associated with poverty in other continents. But I can think of few better lifestyles than truly being a part of nature, with the living things that permit us life. Read on...

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